Suryani American Association

(2014 – 2015)


President Fuat Celikbas
Vice-President Murat Tasci
Secretary Zekiye Aliko
Treasurer Alice Tasci
Members Sait Elmas
Aydin Barka
Hikmet Ipekci
Orhan Abaci
Ozcan Yarar
Belma Abaci
Jane Yarar
Aslin Barsamoglu


Suryani American Association (S.A.A.) was established in September 1980 with the blessing of our late Archbishop His Eminence Mor Athanasius Yeshue Samuel and Very Reverend Father John Khoury.Our goal is to bring our parishioners together and serve our church both socially and financially. The association organizes many fundraising and social events, including picnics, soccer games, folklore dancing, religious plays, backgammon tournaments, music groups and holiday celebrations.

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