History and Importance of Diyaribakir St. Mary Church

Built in the 3rd  century, Diyarbakir St. Mary Church has been a surviving landmark of Syriac history, tradition, and culture. Over the years, this church of ours has contained very valuable literature, books, pictures, and even a piece of wood from the Cross, on which JESUS himself was crucified.Before this city was named Diyarbakir, it was called Ameda, which was used in the Syriac language testifying to the fact that it once was the seat of the Syriac Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch is also a known fact that five Patriarchs and Saints ham been buried on the Mar Yakup section of the church. St. Mary Church, along with its historical and religious importance, is also famous for its one of a kind architecture with its unique portraits of oar Saints, hand-carved walnut tree doors, stone and brick walls, and silver lanterns (kandiller).Diyarbakir St. Mary Church has survived eighteen centuries throughout history till today. In the last years, the church started to deteriorate and is in need of renovation, refurbishing, and physical maintenance. St Mary Church needs to stay as Suryani church. We are all obligated lo keep our church as one often oldest landmarks of Suryani Culture and Achievement. Our forefathers have left a priceless monument tons and now it is our responsibility and duty to be able to pass it on to new generations.IT IS EVERY SURYANES PRIDE. Every one of us should support the restoration project through generous donations so that we can assure the survival of Diyarbakir St. Mary church, Our dedicated brothers in Turkey already started project Naturally, the cost of such a project is too high. To support this holy project, we would like to ask every parishioner to help as much as they can. ST. MARY MUST KEPT ALIVE; ST. MARY IS IN NEED OF YOUR GENEROSITY. GOD BLESSES YOU ALL.

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