Being a Syriac Christian Pre-School we pray daily in Suryoyo,and go to Church weekly. We are blessed to have Abuna Andrew and Abuna Joseph visit us weekly for bible lessons and hymns. We love to practice for our Christmas pageant and Easter Passion Play.

Our education philosophy at God’s Children Academy is a combination of Academic and Play-Based Learning. We believe since each child learns differently, that a combination of both techniques enables all students to reach their potential.

In an Academic environment, both structure and routine guide the students to better prepare for Kindergarten. By learning letters, sounds and practicing their handwriting each student begins their journey onto reading readiness. A curriculum rich in language and vocabulary and CVC sight words enables each child to embark on their passion to learn to read. Our “Word Wall” grows throughout the year and our “Math and Science” centers change with the seasons and according to our themes of the month. For example, during The Easter Season we are watching our Chrysalis (the growth stage between caterpillars and butterflies) by having a caterpillar/butterfly center. This symbolizes Jesus in his death and Resurrection.

In a Play-Based setting, we have a kitchen area, playhouse, reading nook, sensory table and block area. Our teacher’s incorporate academic skills thru theme based props in learning centers. We weave literacy and math into all of our centers. Our social studies centers have blocks to build the walls of Jericho. Our summer camp theme for this year is Guardians of the Galaxy, where we learn to take care and save the planet God gave us.

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