The Sin of Doubt: November 13, 2022

Speaker: Father Gabriel Alkass
November 13, 2022

Father Gabriel tells the story of Zechariah, and his wife, who were righteous people. Elizabeth was a barren woman who could not give birth, and both were old. (Luke 1:5-23) It is a lesson of...

Achieving Spiritual Renewal: November 6, 2022

Speaker: Father Gabriel Alkass
November 06, 2022

Father Gabriel Alkass leads a sermon and path towards spiritual renewal, as well as renewal of the church.

Changing Our Ways for Jesus: October 9, 2022

Speaker: Father Andrew Bahhi
October 09, 2022

Father Andrew encourages us to seek to be changed by Jesus each time we come to church.

Complete Faith in the Church: September 25, 2022

Speaker: Father Gabriel Alkass
September 25, 2022

Father Gabriel shows us how to become complete Christians, and warns us from those who are not.

How to Prepare for the Lord: September 18, 2022

September 18, 2022

Father Andrew asks all of us to prepare for being with the Lord.

The Power of the Cross: September 11, 2022

Speaker: Father Andrew Bahhi
September 11, 2022

Father Andrew celebrates the Feast of the Holy Cross with a message on what the cross represents for our eternal life.

Secrets of the Holy Liturgy: September 4, 2022

September 04, 2022

Father Gabriel passes along important secrets about the Holy Liturgy.

Why We Put Christ First – August 28, 2022

Speaker: Daniel Hanna
August 28, 2022

Shamosho Daniel Hanna shows us why we must put Christ first in our lives.