Changing Our Ways for Jesus – By Father Andrew Bahhi

Every time you come to church, challenge yourself “I am not going to leave the church today until I am blessed with purpose.”

We are not coming to the church just to comfort our conscience and have social time. Rather, I challenge myself to be the person who comes every morning to church who will not be the same person after liturgy because we ask God to give us a message.

In Matthew 12:5-16, Jesus was talking with the Pharisees about something very important. How can we change our consciousness? Humans love our comfort zone, and we don’t like change, even if the change can be a blessing in all aspects of our life, and here I am talking specifically about our spiritual life.

For instance, as it relates to our prayers, we have a certain amount of time, and we feel good in that zone. But as Christians, our life has always been growing and increasing. Otherwise, if we don’t increase, we will fall behind.

The Lord came to change our customs. And one of the things he came to change was the sabbath because they were not taking the true spiritual meaning.

Especially during the sermon of the mount. The Lord came to change and correct. As he began to speak, “you have heard” and “but I said to you,” – the Lord came to change what is wrong. As Christians, we have to give up all the bad things, correct any practices and habits that need correction, and change our life.

The Lord is here among us to break the habits that society sometimes built for us. There is no one on this earth who deserves the body and blood of Jesus Christ. But we receive it based on our faith in Jesus Christ so we can be worthy to receive it.

For instance, the man of the withered hand is not about someone with a special need, but it also represents an inability to open your hand without the help of a brother. This very important miracle the Lord performed, “you tried to keep the Sabbath, but on the other side, you are killing people because of the literal meaning of the Sabbath, and not the spiritual meaning”

That is why, as it says in 2 Corinthians 3:6, “the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.”

The Lord came for all the people – so when he touched the leper, the one avoided by many people, the power came out of our Savior and healed him.

We need, dear brothers and sisters, to understand the true meaning of the Bible so that when we read the Bible, it changes our mistakes and corrects our paths in this life. In other words, let’s leave the teaching of the Bible, not just the practice and rituals, without knowing the true meaning of these teachings.

He said, the way I came and correct, I ask you also to bear the lies to help lead the people in darkness.

I pray we ask the savior, when we read the bible, pray, or come to church, let’s open our hearts for the Holy Spirit to guide us to learn the true teachings and concepts of the Holy Bible.

Learn more in Father Andrew’s sermon video here.

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