“Encountering Christ and The Journey from Call to Confession” – by H.E. John Kawak

In his sermon, His Eminence, Mor Dionysius John Kawak spoke about “Encountering Christ and The Journey from Call to Confession.”

His Eminence reminded the faithful that just like Philip and Nathanael, we are called to a dynamic and transformative relationship with Jesus, and this relationship shapes not only our personal faith but also our engagement with the world around us.

Highlights below:

Text: John 1:43-51 (Call to Confession)


  • Additional collection for the poor announced.

Reflection on John 1:43-51:

  • Illustration of Jesus calling Philip and Nathanael.
  • Focus on discipleship and the transformative journey of faith.

Key Points:

  1. Verse 43 – Jesus’ Command to Philip:
    • Simplicity and power of Jesus’ call.
    • Universal invitation to discipleship, a journey of transformation.
  2. Verse 4 – Philip’s Immediate Response:
    • Active response to Jesus’ call.
    • Model for believers in sharing the Good News with others.
  3. Verse 5 – Nathanael’s Skepticism:
    • Human reaction of doubt.
    • Encouragement to move beyond doubts and be open to encountering God unexpectedly.
  4. Verse 7 – Jesus’ Recognition of Nathanael:
    • Recognition of Nathanael’s true self.
    • Affirmation of God’s deep understanding and acceptance of us.
  5. Verse 8 – Nathanael’s Confession:
    • Profound declaration of faith.
    • Journey from skepticism to faith, a call for all believers.
  6. Verse 9 – Jesus’ Promise to Nathanael:
    • Assurance of divine realities through faith in Christ.
    • Jesus as the bridge between heaven and earth.
  7. Spiritual Journey Reflection (Verses 11-12):
    • Steps of the spiritual journey: hearing the call, sharing the Good News, overcoming doubts, recognizing Christ’s knowledge, confessing Him, and anticipating greater things.
  8. Application (Verses 12-13):
    • Call to a dynamic and transformative relationship with Jesus.
    • Shaping personal faith and engagement with the world.


  • Prayer for grace to follow Christ closely, be bold in witness, and grow in understanding of His love and purpose.

Learn more from His Eminence’s sermon video here.

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