Confessing Your Faith in Jesus: By Father Andrew Bahhi

You always try to maintain your things in your life so you can stay renewed fresh and healthy, your body, the things you own, your car and home. And similarly, this is what our church fathers are telling us – renew our relationship with our savior. We are the church. We are the true living members of the body of the Christ.

Last week, we talked about Jesus asking the disciples – “Who do the people say that I am.” This week we have the same reading from a different gospel. We want to remember the answer to this question as very important to our salvation.

When Peter says, “You are the messiah,” I want to look at it a different angle from last week. Peter is announcing his faith. When he announced that faith, he gave us the power of the annunciation.

Now, in the book of Matthew 10:32, we read how the Lord says “therefore who shall confess Me before men, I will also confess him before My Father who is in heaven.”

If my faith has no fruit. If I have faith which is dead, which means without good deeds or works, then my faith will be empty, without any benefit for my salvation.

I am not talking about a cross hanging around your neck or speaking about your Christianity to prove your faith. So, to confess your faith, it means a true witnessing or true style of life to prove your faith. Even if you have to give up your life. Our life here will determine our eternal life. It depends on the quality of our relationship with Christ here on eather.

In other words, the way you are living, declaring your faith, this is going to determine where you will go in the second life.

How many people keep all the fasts? How many of us forgive people who hurt them? How many of us love their enemy? These are the signs of the faith.

“Faith without deeds as death” as St. James said.

So, when Peter said you are the Christ of the Lord, you are the savior. He said it, confessed it and held it until the last breath of his life.

The key decision is in the hand in every single one of us.

The goal of our faith is to be true children of our holy father.

Learn more in Father Andrew’s sermon video here.