Easter 2019 Message from Father Andrew Bahhi

“For I know you seek Jesus who was crucified. He is not Here for He has risen!” (Matthew 28:5-6)

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ,

As we complete our Lenten journey and the commemoration of the last days that Jesus lived here on earth, which helped us enter deeply into the betrayal of Jesus, His sacrifice, His suffering, His death and His glorious resurrection. Today, The Lord is Risen! Indeed He is Risen! We celebrate our hope and victory over sin and death. God used the death and the resurrection of His son Jesus to restore our relationship with Him forever and give us a new life!

It’s time that we put fear and doubt aside and trust that Jesus truly died for us. As we go through our ordinary daily life and encounter difficulties, we need to remind ourselves of the great love of the Risen Lord. God has been very generous in giving us His only son. He is no longer in the tomb, He is in our midst. We have to open our hearts and let Him in so that He may dwell there forever. While we read “Our Daily Bread”, the Bible, together, we see God’s love working in us and showing us the light of eternal life.

Let us, my brothers and sisters, truly rejoice as if we were given a new life today. May each one of you continue to develop a deeper appreciation for one another! When we accept one another with love as brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ, we become more united with Him. Our risen Lord Jesus has made possible for us eternal happiness, internal peace and divine love. Let us always overcome the sinful nature and live the victory of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus throughout the whole year! May the Risen Lord bless you and fill your hearts and home with love and peace!

“Christ is Risen…Truly He is Risen.”

Very Rev. Fr. Andrew Bahhi