From Andrew Bahhi: Healing the Paralytic Man, Healing Yourself

In this beautify season of the Holy Lent, it is an opportunity for each one of us to be closer to God. Through the fast, the prayers, the charity work, through all kinds of piety work we can please Him and we can tell Him how much we love him.

Every Sunday of the Lent is like a journey towards to the beautiful event of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Every Sunday there is a special reading that brings us closer to that event.

Last Sunday we spoke about the man who had Leprosy and Jesus cleaned him and gave him health. When Jesus touched him, the disease or sin in that man could go to Jesus. Instead the power of Jesus conquered that disease and sin, and Jesus made him clean.

Today, we see another miracle. There was a paralytic man, and four friends brought him to Jesus to be healed. Likewise, you can be the one taking this person to Jesus through your prayer. And you can do more, give a hand to people who need help.

And despite challenges getting to Jesus, the four men laid that paralytic person through the roof to get to Jesus.

When we serve our God and savior Jesus Christ, if something will be between you and His service, don’t give up the first time. Rather, do more. And the more struggle you have, you must insist to do more than you are commissioned for. Because when you serve God, the evil one will try to put struggles between you and your goal, and your role is to jump over this struggle. Not to give up the first, second or third time. Don’t give up because that person might stop because you did not keep trying.

“But that you know the son of man has power to forgive sins. I say rise, take up your bed and go to your house.” (Matthew 9:6)

Jesus was talking to this people with the power of the authority.

Like a traffic policeman, you can direct traffic in your heart. When a policeman wears a uniform, he is able to stop a river of cars just with one signal. The clothes give him authority to stop people or let them drive.

How much, we as Christians, we represent our savior Jesus Christ? We can stop sin and give way to the blessings of God. “In the name of my prayers, stop sin! And by the grace of God, come!”

Jesus gave us this authority. He was able to calm the storm, walk on the water, change water to wine, and he took five loaves of bread and a couple of fish and he give them to thousands of people. He is saying this to all of us, the book of Mark 16:17 “And this sign will follow those who believe in my name.”

According to his promise, if I believe in his name and use his name with faith, I can do even more.

He can move mountains in one word. We are the children of the one who created this universe, and yet we don’t behave according to His power and to his love and to his promise that He gave us.

Please behave according to His power. Say to yourself:

“I am his son” or “I am his daughter” and “I am the one who will receive forgiveness, and I am the one who will receive healing in my feeling, in my emotion, in my body, and in all my other different kinds of situations. Because I believe in Him and will receive forgiveness and answers to my questions.”

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