From Andrew Bahhi: The Presentation of the Lord Jesus Christ at the Temple

Today we celebrate one of the most important feasts in the church. We call it the presentation of the Lord Jesus Christ at the Temple. This feast is always celebrated 40 days after Christmas.

This is a feast where the biggest encounter happened – the meeting between the Old Testament and New Testament; the meeting between the Old Man and the New Man; the Old Law and the Grace. We ask our heavenly father to ask to be with us, like Simeon the elder.

The story goes, where one of the Roman emperors decided to translate the Old Testament to Greek. And the Jews had 72 elders, men who took care of their people. And they were to translate the Old Testament to Greek. Simeon the Elder was to translate the Book of Isaiah, and Isaiah 7:14, which read “Therefore the Lord Himself will give you a sign: Behold, the virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and she will call Him Emmanuel.”

He couldn’t believe it, and he wanted to change the words away from “Virgin” to “girl.” The Holy Spirit said, “because you doubt you will see it with your own eyes,” and he saw Christ after living more than 200 years.

We see how important the Holy Spirit was in the story. Simeon was kept alive so he can see Christ. Even though the Holy Spirit encouraged them, then he said, “Now Lord, let your servant depart in peace, according to your word” (Luke 2:29); then he died right away.

Joseph and Mary brought the baby according to the Word. They brought him to where he should be, and then Simeon carried the baby. We need to also carry our kids and take them to the Lord. “I put it in your hands” – where I am asleep, or working, you – GOD – are there watching over them, our children.

Likewise, we must bring our kids always to church. Otherwise whatever we do for them will always benefit them here but going to eternity will be very hard. Bring them to the church and tell them this is their place. Your kids are a gift from God, but if they do not know Jesus, they will have nothing no matter how much they succeed.

When we accept Jesus in our heart, to be our Lord and Master, he will dismiss us from the bond of slavery and sin.

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