From Father Andrew Bahhi – Easter Sermon 2019

Christ has Risen. Let’s all of us say “Indeed he’s Risen”

50 days ago, we began a beautiful season we called the Holy Lent. I thank the Holy Father that during this beautiful journey, that He is crowned with the death and resurrection of our Savior.

Like the spring when everything comes back to life, for you also begins a new season of life. It is crowned with the resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ. By the power of the resurrection we ask that He bless our life always, all the days of our life.

It says in our Liturgy, “We commemorate oh Lord your death, confess your resurrection and hope for your second coming.”
In death we only have memorials. But for the resurrection, we confess. The Christian community in the early days, instead of saying “Hi, how are you?”, they would say the “Christ is Risen” and someone would answer “Indeed He is risen.” They were always encouraging themselves that no matter whatever happens, don’t worry. The way Christ rose from the dead, He will also raise you from the dead and He will bless your life.

But have you ever wondered why Christ rose from the dead? Yes, He did it for us. But I want you to go deeper. He did it so He can enter your heart. He did not want to stay in the tomb. Rather, He rose from the tomb to enter your heart.

To receive the power of the resurrection will make us strong and give us a living testimony. Like St. Paul said: “It is no longer I would live, but Christ lives in me.”

When you believe in this fact, this is the only fact that would help you survive and have the true life in your heart. And when you have Jesus in your heart, you will also become – as St. Paul says – a member of His body. A LIVING MEMBER, not a dead member.

There was no not a member of Jesus’s physical body without pain. His head suffered from the thorns, his eyes suffered because all he saw were betrayers, and his heart was crying for what happened. His ears were suffering from the curses and bad words calling out for His crucifixion. His mouth filled with sour wine, and his complete body was bleeding. His hands and feet were wounded by nails, and his body was wounded by a spear.

There is prophecy here: “The way I suffered. Every single member of my body suffered; you will also suffer.” And a lot of people like to take Jesus from the dead, but they don’t want the Jesus of the Cross of Good Friday. A lot of this is depressing, but the good news for you and me is Jesus raised from the dead and no single mark was on His body except his hands and feet – and that was a sign of salvation.

If we are sharing His passion, you will share His glorious resurrection and you will have no pain.

He came from the tomb and overcame death. No matter what we go through, Jesus and the power of the resurrection can pass us whatever we go through.

When we say Christ is risen, we give the most hopeful statement ever. He can bring you whatever you go through or are suffering from.

I used to work in a rehab center for the addicted, and I became friends with someone who suffered from addiction. And one day he said “I decided to give my life to Jesus. All of the sudden all that pain became a joy for me. Because I thought of the power of the resurrection, and I thought ‘It’s OK.’ I can get through this.”

With this person, the power of Jesus and Resurrection changed his life. Jesus died for him and raised for him. And now he helps those who are addicted and is no longer one of them. He became a new person in Jesus Christ.

When we talk about the Resurrection, we don’t talk about a feast that comes in April or May, we talk about a strong power that is for everyone who will believe it, and they will receive it and be cured with its power and redeem their lives.

As it says in Revelation 3:21″

“To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne.”

And yet some of you may say “Abouna, you don’t what I go through.” And I don’t. But I do know who the Father is, and I know the power of the Father can bring you out from whatever you go through.

Finally, for the three ladies who went to anoint Jesus on the third day (Mark 16:2-8). They were sorrowful, crying, hopeless and depressed. And all they thought was “Who is going to roll away the stone from the tomb.” But Jesus will come Himself, and He will not only roll it away, but He will overcome any bad situation.

To overcome resurrection, we talk of a serious, free and lovely power for each one of you.

Allow Jesus to raise from your heart and bring new life to you.

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