From Father Andrew Bahhi: Focus on God’s Will

After each feast or spiritual event, usually we are tempted to have our spiritual life go backwards a little. So, we can see how our church father prepared the reading after Easter to now focus on our spiritual life and not to shift our life away from following Him.

Today’s reading was from John 4:31-38. The Bible mentions many things that Jesus said, but most importantly, Jesus said don’t forget that the evil one won’t leave you alone. Keep your eyes fixed on Him.

“My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me, and to finish His work.”

And the disciples argued among each other about what Jesus is saying. But to Jesus “I came not to eat like normal people, but I came to achieve a very noble and very holy goal.”

What is your goal in your life? Do you really think you are just a number, not to be active in this life? It is better to be cold than be lukewarm, the book of Revelation says. If you pretend you are good and you are not good, that is lukewarm, and it is very dangerous, and you will reject help because you think you are good.

“Where there is no vision, the people cast off restraint,” Proverbs 29:18 says. They will shift their life later and their life will collapse.

Many people don’t follow the goal because they think to follow God is a very heavy burden. And a lot of other people don’t know how to find their goal. But it is not hard if you are very faithful to God.

People always talk about God’s will. The Lord’s prayer asks for “your will on earth as it is in Heaven.” But the hard part is to follow His will.

Before I ask for God’s will, I ask “Please God, give me strength when I hear what your will is, and then to follow it. And to be like you want.”

People often make the mistake of praying to God with a fixed agenda. They ask for God to bless what they have; not what God wants from them.

God does not want brilliant people. God doesn’t want very brave people. God doesn’t want well educated people. God doesn’t want rich people. You know what He wants? He wants faithful people to follow Him, and he will transfer them – like Peter and all the disciples – from fishermen to fishers of men.

He will make them bring all people who are looking for comfort and peace. And God will use you as He did the disciples to proclaim His kingdom and to bring peace and to comfort.

He will give you strength to finish His work if you are faithful to His call.

To follow God’s will sometimes is not easy. But with God, you never lose anything because God will reward you and bless your life.

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