From Father Andrew Bahhi: Living a Life of Service

From Father Andrew Bahhi: Living a Life of Service

“Let the dead bury their own dead, but you go and proclaim the kingdom of God” – Luke 9:60.

Jesus said the way of heaven is full of struggles. Only a few people can find it. It is an honor and a blessing. Not everyone is able to do it.

I remember once, while serving our church in Virginia, driving my car. I see other churches put verses outside on signs to attract others. One sign said: “Come to serve God, because you cannot serve God yesterday.”

The future is in your hand. Make the decision to serve HIM now.

A lot of us – the intention is not pure. They want to receive personal honor. They want to be praised or thanked or have a position in the community. Don’t do this.

Let Jesus give you the crown of the honor and the glory, instead the people of the earth. Don’t love the money; don’t put your heart on earthly things. You, as a spiritual person, is to be in the kingdom of God.

The person who is looking for “Jesus without the cross” serve God without the spiritual. But those people will find a cross and LOSE Jesus.

To serve God is an honor and blessing. God wants us all to be saved and to have knowledge of the truth. If you heart is divided, understand that our heavenly father has called you to serve him. Serve and don’t look back.

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