From Father Andrew Bahhi: Renew Yourself with Jesus

We are continuing to celebrate the time after the resurrection of Jesus until he ascends to heaven. At this time of the year, through all the songs and prayers, we are reminded that he can bring you comfort and victory over all your bad circumstances.

In John 21: 1-14, we read about the third time Jesus appeared to his disciples. And this happened while 7 of them were trying to fish, but they could not catch anything. And by the morning they saw Jesus on the shore. And John announced, “He is the Lord.”

The Bible said Jesus was making food. And this message is important because the message is Jesus will satisfy our hunger. He will satisfy us.

Jesus wanted to sustain the disciples’ faith because they were scared at the time.

Jesus kept appearing during these 40 days to explain the kingdom of God with different messages, so they can take the gospel to the whole world.

Jesus asked them to cast their nets through right side of the boat, and they caught 153 large fish.

Jesus wanted to revive or confirm their faith and prove that this is the same Jesus who created miracles before. As always when people get bored, the disciples were vulnerable to evil thoughts, so Jesus came to say “I am here to renew my calling to you.”

By renewing their faith, Jesus is making the disciples into new people and preparing them for the Pentecost, the day they will receive the Holy Spirit and be totally changed.

Jesus wanted to renew the disciples in three ways:

First, He wanted to renew their mind in different ways because some were being doubtful or scared. As Paul says, “But be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” He also wanted to change their heart, as the book of Ezekiel says, “and give yourselves a new heart and new spirit.” – because doubt kills hearts.

Finally, Jesus wanted to renew their spirit.

This time is very important to our church because Jesus wants to keep appearing in our lives. Here Jesus wants to give a very important message, “I will appear in your life and confirm your faith. And make your faith strong. And not only that, I will guide you, always. Just make sure that I am The One.”

I ask our Heavenly father that, after our spiritual feasts such as Easter, we don’t let our spirit go down. Jesus is telling us, “Don’t take a break from your relationship with God.”

“Please come to me. I will renew your heart, mind and spirit.”