From Father Andrew Bahhi – Saturday of Light before Easter

On, the Holy Saturday, we celebrate the day before Easter. We thank the Lord who brought us to this blessed hour and this very special time. While I was preparing the sermon the other day, I asked this day “What’s your story?”

“I feel less important than the other days,” Saturday said to me. “Good Friday is about Jesus’s death and Sunday celebrates Jesus’s resurrection. Nobody remembers this day, and nobody cares about me.”

But this day is very important. We are one day away from the biggest feast ever, the resurrection of our Lord. And yet there are a lot of us who live in the darkness of the sin. While Jesus was soon to return soon after the Saturday of the Light, still people live in their darkness. The darkness of the sin in their heart. While Jesus was going to Hades for three days, he was going there to do one thing, to preach to all the souls who are resting peace, from Adam all the way up to the thief who was crucified with Jesus.

Before Jesus’s death, everyone was going to the unknown.

It starts back to Genesis 3, after Adam and Eve fell in sin, recognizing they are not naked when eating from the forbidden tree. Then God said with a broken heart to Adam, “where are you?” – don’t forget that He is calling us in the same way.

If you are like Adam and feel the same, unable to answer this question, Jesus today – in the same way He went to Hades, the unknown place –is also coming to you, preaching to you. He wants to bring you from the darkness to the light.

The light of the resurrection, the light of the good news. He has a light that is the true light. Jesus is coming to fill you with the resurrected light.

“While you have the light, believe in the light. While there is still light, while you can hear me.” Jesus is telling you that you will receive the true light and become the son or daughter of the light.

Learn more in Father Andrew’s sermon video here.