From Father Andrew Bahhi: The Revelation of Joseph is a Lesson

I ask our heavenly father to be with you and open our hearts as Joseph did so Jesus could become our savior. But when we talk about the revelation of Joseph, we speak about a righteous man. The Bible does not speak about him a lot, nor does the Bible record any single words attributable to him. But at the same time, he played an important role in the journey of Jesus Christ.

This sermon I direct towards men. After he found that Mary was pregnant, Joseph began to see the change in Mary’s life. Being a just and righteous man, Joseph took her away secretly because Mary would have been stoned according to the law of the time because the child was not Joseph’s.

Righteous means without blame, and you are of a pure heart. And God will be in your heart for any action that you have done. You should always have the fear of God in your heart in order to please God. Always ask God to direct you or counsel so you can always deal with people with love. Joseph did exactly as the angel of the law commanded him to do.

Are you obedient to God’s guidance in your life? Do you follow what God put in your heart in order to worship him and deal with your family? Joseph did.

And Joseph was very calm, and he asked God what he should do to solve this new situation in his life. Whatever you do, do it in fear of God.

As a Christian community, we need to ask do we act with the fear of God when we deal with our family and friends? Do we really follow what God says and be obedient to his commandment? And, at the end, do we really take our responsibilities seriously, or do we put it on our spouse?

Because of his righteousness, Joseph was able to be the physical father of Jesus Christ. Because of his faith, Joseph received the blessings from a big honor on earth.

And, likewise, if you do all you do in faith, you will see miracles in your family.

Learn more in Father Andrew’s sermon video here.