From Father Andrew: Spiritual Delay is the Greatest Disease

The disease of spiritual delay is like the coronavirus. By the time you have it, it is too late.  By the time we decide we wake up or find a solution for it, it may be too late. But as long as we have life, we have an opportunity to save our spirit.

When it comes to true repentance, especially in the summer, people say “I want to enjoy my life.”  But as long as you cannot guarantee you will be alive in the next second, you should not postpone your love for God.

When you delay your repentance to God, nobody will lose but you. This postponement goes through all aspects of our life. Such as postponing almsgiving, or helping the churches. You don’t have to give a lot, but you just should give from your heart.

Begin now.

Sometimes we postpone our ministry, our service. Why do we postpone every single day? When we work for Him, and are loyal to Him, we are going to get the reward.

The true happiness is when God is in your heart. When you eat in his name. When you wake up by his name. When you sleep in his hand. When you walk every single step in His power, and you thank him for that. This is the true enjoyment.

When you have God in your heart, you have the weapon against the evil one and you will be happy.

Your Bible is your instruction for the daily life. When we don’t read it, our life will be built the wrong way and it will be too late.

Also, with forgiveness, I am talking within the family, not even with enemies. Don’t postpone, because you cannot guarantee in your life one extra day. Express your love to your family. Help them. Tell them how much you love them because you still have the opportunity to say so.

And, finally, the worst form of delay is the delay of repentance. I ask our heavenly Father who gives us this opportunity today, not to postpone our repentance, and to come to Him.

Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your heart.

God is calling you not to postpone your repentance. Do not delay. This is a disease, and a dangerous spiritual disease.

If you want to come to God today, do not harden your heart and your mind. Rather, while reciting the prayer of confession, ask God – while looking to the light of the saints – make haste and follow their steps. And don’t delay as God is calling you.

Learn more in Father Andrew’s sermon video here.