From Father Saliba: Assumption of the Virgin Mary

Today, we celebrate the feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, Mother of God.

It is also a day for us to recognized 3 feasts.

  • The first one is her departure to heaven, when she died.
  • The second one is when her body was taken from earth to heaven.
  • The third one is her blessing.

All three, we celebrate today.

We call her the second Eve. The first Eve remember the serpent who told her to eat the fruit, she will be like God to know the good from the bad. This disobedience of Eve caused a lot of consequences to all of mankind. Most importantly the spiritual and bodily death.

And now the second Eve has the archangel Gabriel come to her who delivered the news of Jesus Christ.

And when she heard this, she was very afraid. But she made the salvation possible by her agreement. By participating in God’s plan, she brought life. As opposed to the disobedience of Eve, who brought death to the whole world.

Mary is also the second heaven. When Jesus took the flesh he came from heaven, but the Virgin Mary became the second heaven for Him. By receiving the Lord Jesus Christ in her womb. She is the temple, house of God, because she had God within her body through birth.

And by her answer yes to God, and to his plan. She is the mother of God and all of us. And when we pray to her to help us, we have to address her like our mother.

In the same way we go to our parents, we go to her to ask her to intercede, to answer our prayers and be a helper for us.

The Virgin Mary was a real role model for all of us. She was keeping everything in her heart. There was a plan for God in her life. She was an instrument for His plan. And she was OK.

Her life was a sacrificial life. Seeing her son being persecuted all the time and seeing also her only son going to death. Imagine this pain and suffering.

The Virgin Mary is a role model by her education. She grew up in the temple as an orphan and knew the plan of God and accepted all of this, and she was very meek and humble to understand all of this. And to see God and be with him.

Today is about the assumption of her body. To give her blood and flesh. And not be corrupted on this earth, but she should be glorified in heaven. For this reason, we honor her and respect her, and we celebrate the assumption of her body from this earth to heaven.

Even the disciples felt, OK, even if her body is not here with us on earth, she is in heaven and she can intercede for the power of the Holy Spirit. The power of Her son to have mercy upon us.

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