He is Risen! – Easter Sermon By Father Andrew Bahhi

Christ has risen.

Our dear brothers and sisters, I am very happy and very blessed and very honored and humbled to celebrate this liturgy, especially when last year we were not able to celebrate together this beautiful Easter. And we cry out Christ Is Risen.

We should always, whenever you are down, remember what happened to Jesus and his disciples, and on Sunday, Christ rose from death.

Ask God to help you to help you and raise you up from wherever you are, whatever you face, whatever things you are going through. As long as our savior defeated death, and whatever you go through, with His power – the power of risen Christ – you can also break through all your trouble and conquer your problems.

The important message to share is the message of the life. The death is the only thing that humans can never find a solution for. Yet Jesus defeated death by the resurrection. The most powerful message we can carry with us all year is this message of life.

On Sunday morning, the angel gave the most beautiful news. “He is not here but is risen.” He is not dead anymore, but He is risen!

When Jesus rose, he gave hope to those who don’t have hope.

As the Lord himself said, “I have come that they may have life and have it more abundantly.” (John 10:10)

If you think you are Christian because you can move, or come to church, or you have been baptized, you are missing a lot!

To be alive it means you have the source of life in your heart. Not that you eat and move. And not only that you have this source of life, but you also have the connection of this source in the beautiful life. He is the only one who defeated death, who said “I am the life.” – He was the only one who put death under His feet. And if you believe in him, you will also defeat this enemy.

Connecting with Him, being with him in your heart will connect you with life.

When we look to the cross, we say thank you Lord you saved my life by your death and your resurrection!

But instead, many of us only know the event of Easter, but not the person, Christ.

You know what happens tomorrow and the day after? Everything will go to normal life. Your pain, trouble, and stress will come back after a pause. I pray that we all can say “Christ is Risen” without fear.

“Behold, I set before you the way of the life and the way of the death.” Said Jesus in Jeremiah 21:8 There is no better day to make this decision.

The angel said, “why do you look for the living among the dead?” Who are you looking for in the way of death, and you reject the way of life? I pray that God will be with us and protect us all.

When you say Christ is risen, do you believe that you have a risen Christ in your heart? Are you sure you are from the group who choose the way of life instead of death?

I want to translate something very beautiful for you this Easter:

Before the cross, Jesus washed the feed of the disciples, but on the cross, he washed us of our sins.

Before the cross, they sold Him for Silver. On the cross, he bought us by His precious blood.

Before the cross, He cleansed the temple. And on the cross, he cleansed our conscience.

Before the cross, He broke the bread and gave it to the disciples for the last supper. And on the cross, he broke His heart for the true light.

Before the cross, they treated Him as a thief. And on the cross, He saved even the thief.

Before the cross, they bound His hand. And on the cross, he gave us the freedom and liberty from sin.

Before the cross, they stripped His clothes off. And on the cross, He clothed us with the clothes of righteousness.

Finally, before the cross, we were dead in our life. But right after the cross, and on the cross, he made us alive by His death.

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