How to Serve God With Honor – By Father Andrew Bahhi

We should worship God and explain our love for Him through good deeds. Sometimes, it is not easy to serve God. Because we must be like being a warrior, fighting an enemy. So, being a servant of God, a lot of time we see the evil one putting us through a struggle.

When we serve God, this is true prayer, because sometimes we don’t say something but we show it through our deeds. This is what the Lord said when He told the disciples to perform their ministry. And this is when he said, “A prophet is not without honor, but in his own country, and among his own family, and in his own house.” (Mark 6:4). He was preparing His disciples.

Even if you give your life to the ministry to spread the good news, sometimes people will say bad things. In other words, the Lord says don’t be surprised if you serve me and you don’t get rewards. But from who will we see dishonor? Even from your own household, family, and friends!

He is telling us, if you are dishonored because you are serving me, don’t be surprised.

Now, the Lord said He cannot do mighty work there – He is unable to perform even one miracle among these people because they did not believe. This means you are in the right place, doing the right thing – don’t be discouraged. Even the Lord Himself could not do a miracle among His people. As the Bible says, “And He was amazed at their unbelief.” (Mark 6:6)

Keep your eyes on the Lord while you are serving him. So the Lord is the Christ, the God who became a man, and He was still surprised.

If you serve anyplace in the church, and people look to you like nothing, remember the Lord is preparing you, and you should do what He was preparing us to do, despite not getting the reward. Don’t stop your ministry, your serving God and the people. When we serve God through His people, we are not doing this for a pat on the back, but we are doing it for God.

Then He will bless you.

As the Bible continues, then Jesus began to send the disciples out two by two and give them power over the unclean spirit. He wanted them to go out and teach, help your people and teach them to repent (Mark 6:12)

The challenges are big but keep your eyes on the Lord.

Sometimes the challenge comes as a challenge of faith. Jesus came for these people – the sick, and those who did not believe in Him. Don’t be discouraged, love these people.

Another kind of courage comes in the form of jealousy. People may think they can do better. But it does not matter what you do for the church, but it matters that you do it with all our heart.

God does not need supermen of the church. He needs faithful, loyal, people.

And we can apply this in all the areas of the church. Even if you see a small amount of trash in the church, pick it up. Or you want to help fix something in the church, volunteer. God will take it as a blessing through your good deeds.

Leave the jealously and focus how you can serve God.

God is the one who will appreciate, and reward and bless every single one who does good deeds in His name.

Don’t stop. Keep your eyes on the Lord, and He will bless you and be with you.

Learn more in Father Andrew’s sermon video here.