How to Serve God With Your Clergy – By Father Andrew Bahhi

We pray that God will protect His people everywhere. Our prayers are a sign of thanksgiving for raising among us clergy to serve His people, altar, and we pray for those very loyal and faithful servants of God who serve the church – the bride of Christ. We pray for our Holy Father, our Patriarch, our Bishop, and all the bishops and all the clergy.

I wish you always pray for me and all the clergy because, believe me, if we have any success, it is because of your prayers.

To serve is not only the duty and job of the clergy. It should be love coming from the hearts of all of us. How can we thank him? By serving with everyone with a good heart and pure love.

Because each person you meet – whether you agree or disagree, love or not, a different color skin or the same, same religion and denomination or not – it doesn’t matter. God created each person so they can know the truth and the truth shall set one free.

We have a “general priesthood” – it is all of you. When you offer the name of Jesus to others, they can repent and become true believers of Christ.

Matthew Chapter 25 speaks about the significance of the faith, and then speaks through the parable of the talents or gifts. Matthew 25:13-30. It tells us that each one has different abilities, and the Lord will give each one up to their capabilities or capacity.

The first part of that text in Matthew 25 speaks of faith, and later speaks about talents. Because, as it says in James, faith without deeds is death. If you have faith, you must realize or recognize your talents and you have to invest it. You must work on it. You must bring more people to the truth, where God asks you to serve.

Our faith is not a “drive through” where you pick it up because you say so – you have to put in the work. You have to have faith, fast, read the Bible and come to the church. For your salvation, do what the Bible says to do so. It is mandatory. If you are Christian, you have to serve God. If you say, “I am a true follower, and active member of the body of the Christ,” you have to show God.

Because you are loyal for the few years you have on this earth, you give of any talent you can, invest in the church and serve the children of God. The Lord said, “I will make you ruler, and put you in charge of many things which is the eternal life.”

But if we serve God with different intentions, we lose the time and we lose the reward. If we serve God because “I want to comfort my conscience,” that is not a true comfort.

All those people who serve for the sake of God, keep your eyes on the cross and remember the true master. People used to mock Him and make fun of Him. Serving God may lead you to carrying a cross, but remember what St. Paul said, “If we don’t suffer with Him, we don’t glorify Him.”

Serving God is not always easy, but it is a big blessing.

To serve God is not always fun. You may be cursed. But if you do it from all your heart, and keep your eyes on Jesus. He will bless you here on earth and he will bless you later on when he will tell you “Blessed and faithful servant. You were faithful on a little. I will put you in charge of my Kingdom.”

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