In Your Light, Lord, We Shall See Light – By Father Gabriel Alkass

As Abouna prepares the altar, and the choir sings, we all say and sing, “In Your Light, Lord, We Shall See Light.”

Why do we sing? Before Jesus comes to our planet, the majority of the people in this world walked in darkness, which means they worshiped all different creatures except the creator. And they committed all different kinds of sins as well.

So that’s why the Lord Jesus had to come to our planet. To announce to the world, “I am the light of the world, and he who follows me shall not walk in darkness but have the light of life.”

So, if we are followers, we should walk in his path – in the light and not the darkness of sins. As such, His followers and believers were astonished and happy.

We cannot comprehend – people who lived on the dark side, which means people un-Christian – and when the Lord Jesus showed His light to them, no matter what happened or what they did, they did not give up on Jesus.

They were so happy, as much as the man born blind and suddenly received sight thanks to Jesus. That was a tremendous feeling.

If we read the Old Testament, not a single one gave sight to a blind person. And nobody could shine the light on the world. And people were in darkness for so many years, seeking Jesus to bring the light. Through His teaching, His word, and His appearance.

Whenever we attend the Holy Liturgy, He shines upon us. That’s why we all joyfully sing, “In Your Light, Lord, We Shall See Light.”

And He then passed on light to his believers, and said “you are the light of the world.”

So that is a privilege for you, and I and everybody to be a light to the world.

That happened when you were dipped into the baptismal font, and lifted up as a new, shining person. And a person that could see and understand many things where the rest of the world cannot see or understand.

What YOU could see, because of the Lord’s reflection that we received on baptism day, we see God as a merciful Lord, giver and savior. But those who live in darkness, cannot see that. They see a revenger, angry and unjust God.

So you see, because you are the light of the Lord, that is what you are already blessed with. God almighty has become one of us.

It is not reasonable to reveal the truth or light of the Lord to people who choose to live in darkness. If they do not choose the Lord, you cannot force them. It does not mean He does not try, but He would not force any of them.

Since Jesus is the ray of the Father, he has come to say “I am the light of the world.”

To see Him through faith not by sight. Because through faith is much greater than physical sight.

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