Jesus and the Blind Man – From Father Andrew Bahhi

Today is the 6th Sunday of the Holy Lent, where we read the Miracle of the Blind Man. In the Bible, we see 3 times about Jesus Christ helping people who suffer from blindness. In each time, Jesus helped in different ways to heal them.

Today according to the Gospel of Mark, we read when Jesus helped a man called Bartimaeus or in Syriac called Bartimay. (Timay means somebody valuable, who has a very special place).

When we read the gospel about this miracle, we can say Bartimay was a man who was sitting on the side of the road begging, asking for money & help. On the side of people, there was an unknown person. He was not really an important person for his society. But in the eye of Jesus, he is Timaeus, which means very valuable.

In book of John 14, Jesus was talking with his disciples about himself and how important it is to follow his way. As we know Thomas is the one who doubts all the time. He asked Jesus “Where are you going, and how can we know the way?”. Then Jesus said “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me” (John 14:6).

So, this miracle is very important for it’s the last Sunday of the Holy Lent. Next week we are celebrating Palm Sunday. In other words, If anyone feels unworthy or underestimates himself, Jesus Christ is saying to us on this Sunday that we still have hope if we come to Him, we cry out to Him.

There are six actions we need to emphasize on this miracle.

The blind man was sitting on the side of the road, begging, he heard Jesus, the blind man cried for help, the blind man threw his clothes and followed Jesus.

These actions on this miracle are drawing a map for the broken hearted. Or for the ones who underestimate their abilities or the ones who don’t trust themselves.

We each have ways to live our lives. The way of working, the way of fasting, the way of your relationship with God etc. This miracle shows us if we are not sitting on the way of Jesus Christ, we will end up on the way of the world. In other words, our prayers cannot move a mountain or we cannot help ourselves grow up spiritually.

So, when Jesus saw this blind man sitting by the side of the road, he wanted to change his way, get the good out of his heart. He wanted to change his life and show a good example to the people around him who thought he was a worthless person with no hope. As you are sitting on the side of your life, maybe it’s time for you to determine in which way you should go.

The blind man was begging for money, as we in this world are begging for love, forgiveness, need for care, attention and good words.

The blind man heard Jesus and cried out saying “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!” (Luke 18:36-38). This verse tells us how much our prayers, cries and our faith to Jesus will change our lives.

And when people tried to calm down the blind man, he was crying out even louder and louder.

So, when we pray and God doesn’t answer our prayers, we should not be discouraged, deceived and stop praying. We should always trust the power of the Almighty one. When you call upon Him, you should know that He will answer.

As Jesus heard the blind man and called him, the blind man threw his clothes and walked to Him. If you want to come to Jesus, you need to throw out your old nature to confess and kneel down to Him telling “I love you and I believe in your mighty”.

Jesus asked the blind man “What do you want me to do for you? Luke 18:41. When Jesus asks you what you want, do not hesitate to answer, but do not ask for your material needs. Ask first The Kingdom of God. And everything else will be given to you abundantly.

It took just one word for Jesus to help the blind man. He said to him “See”. And it was end of his problem. You also can receive the blessing the same way. You just need to trust Him.

After he got his sight, the blind man followed Jesus in the way. So it’s all about the “way.” The way we think, the way we pray, the way we live. This is what Jesus came for. To change the old way that you are walking in, to the new way of eternal life.

This miracle that we are reading this week is to open our eyes while approaching the Holy week, to see Jesus in our lives. He is calling us “Come to me and I will restore you, I will open your heart and your thought, your mind , your whole life about new grace.

May the good Lord bless you and open all the blind areas in your life and make you a new creation. And after that don’t forget to follow Jesus in His way, not your way!

May the good Lord protect you and bless you all, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit Amen.

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