Light and Repentance – By Father Andrew Bahhi

Starting with the first Sunday after Epiphany, and for the next 8-10 weeks, we will read about all the things the Lord did after His baptism. As we read in Matthew 4, the first sermon our Savior gave, He says “Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.”

This is how our Savior began His mission and serve while He was on earth. For the people who were without light, this means the light of the Lord came to them.

When our spiritual light is on, we have power. But when the switch is off, we are in the darkness. Remember every time you enter a room and switch the light on, you can see all the details of the room. When you turn it off, then the room will be dark.

And similarly, every time you do switch a light on, ask yourself “where is my spiritual switch? Is it on or off? Am I in light or am I in darkness?”

In Matthew 4:16, the Bible says the light came to all the people, and Jesus then repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. For a very simple reason, in happened in this way because you need the light to see so you can walk.

The light will make you see your path. When you ask God to come to your life, He will give a very shiny light to all your life. And you will see your mistakes, your shortcomings, your faults, and then you will be able to repent.

This is the very strong relationship between the light and the repentance. The Lord preached “I am the light of the world.” But before the Lord was going to be crucified, he said “YOU are the light of the world.”

When He was about to leave, back to heaven, he called on us to be the light. If we receive the true light from Him, then the light will dwell in our heart, and we can recognize the truth from the fake life. And we will be able to choose the right way and offer repentance.

And, as he says – if you receive this light, you will lead a true life of repentance.

You may ask “How can I find the light?”

Like Thomas, who also asked “how can we know the way?”

There is the narrow gate or door, and there is the wide gate. For each one of us, we have the freedom to choose. But the narrow gate will always take us to the light, and we will be able to pass from the darkness to light.

I pray with David the king in Psalm 27, when he was praying and asking God “Lord, teach me your way and lead me in a smooth path because of my enemies.”

Right after Jesus said to repent, he began to call his disciples and say, “Follow me.”

If you believe in Jesus, you will have the light. And if you have the light, you will lead a life of repentance.  And if you live a life of repentance, you will be a true disciple of Jesus. And remember every time when you enter your room and turn the light on, ask where your spiritual light is.

The way is open to everyone.

Learn more in Father Andrew’s sermon video here.