Living According to God’s Will – By Father Andrew Bahhi

The Bible speaks about 5,000 men meeting with the Lord and the disciples, and perhaps 15-20,000 people including women and children. And while they were in the middle of nowhere in the wilderness, they finished all their food, the disciples told the Lord they should dismiss the crowd because they do not have any more food. (Matthew 14:13-21).

In a way, the disciples were looking for a way to say they were not responsible anymore. They only had five loaves of bread and two fish.

And this statement is what I call “The statement of hopeless people.”

This is what happens in our life. When we are in the wilderness, a time when we feel we are living alone, we are living like this group of the thousands in the Bible. And this is a time to remember that we are Christian believers. We have our mind, but we must know there is a God beyond this mind.

So, when we face any trouble or problem, we make a choice between a negative hopeless, or we try our logical way of trying to do something according to our limitations. But as Christians, we always have another way to resolve our problems – take it and put it in the hand of our Savior.

In the Bible, we learn of three times Jesus raised the dead. One time with Lazarus, then the son of the widow Naim, and finally the daughter of Jairus. In each of these stories, we see different circumstances. In each, the Lord made the difference. His presence in that place made the difference.

So, any miracle we are praying for – we need to believe and understand, no matter what the circumstances, our faith of Him that He is the good Lord. I trust the Lord is good, and according to His will he will answer me.

The goal is not to heal the sick, or give you what you are looking for, or help you go through your hard time. His goal is everyone will be saved and will come to the knowledge of the truth.

So, in this story of the loaves and fish, the goal was to tell them “I am the Savior.” And later in this text Jesus says, “my body and my blood is the true food.”

So, the goal was not only to give the physical food, but to also tell them that He is the Savior.

When you put your trust in the Lord, no matter what you get, it is good for your salvation.

And that’s why this miracle is important to all of us.

I pray that we change our mind to see His goodness and to believe what we are going through is from Him, for our own benefit which is our salvation.

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