Memorial Donations Policy — Announced in Church on April 14, 2019

1. To have Abouna pray for a deceased person, please submit the name of the deceased to the board room by 10:45 a.m. on Sunday. This timing is important to help prepare for Holy Liturgy. Late submissions will be announced the following Sunday.

2. If you make a donation in the name of the deceased, the board prefers not to announce the deceased’s name a second time − or the donor’s name. Abouna will have already mentioned the deceased’s name in his prayers on the altar. However, if you want the board to publicly mention the deceased’s name and your name, please specifically let us know at the time of your donation.

3. For specific memorials − 40th and one year − donations will not be announced because they take a long time, and again the name of the deceased will have been honored on the altar by Abouna. The names of the donors providing the donations will continue to be given to the family.

4. As for memorial donations made on holidays such as Christmas, Easter, Palm Sunday and other major events, we will not read the names in the church but we will display the names in the church hall.