New Sunday, New Faith – By Father Andrew Bahhi

We call today the New Sunday, the first Sunday after Easter.

Yet, today’s reading represents how we talk about doubt. The disciples spoke of seeing Jesus rise from death. But Thomas said, “no, unless I see with my eyes, or touch with my hand, I will not believe.”

So why is the New Sunday also called the Doubt Sunday? Such opposition. But yet, our faith begins when we search for God, in other words, we have doubts. This doubt then will lead us to have faith. This doubt will lead you to believe and receive the blessings.

Last week, Easter, was about life. And this Sunday is about restoration, where the disciples saw Jesus. Except Thomas. And the savior came especially for him and for you. And he is ready to come every single day for you. To restore your faith in Him, as risen to defeat death and all the problems that you face. And He will restore you to bring you back.

When we have weak faith, or sick faith, the best thing is to find a specialist so you can be well. And this is what happened exactly to Thomas. The greatest specialist of healing people – there’s only one, the great and divine physician. He is there waiting for you to make an appointment so he can help you with whatever problems you face.

In the Old Testament, Psalm 145:14 – David says that the Lord supports all that are falling. And raises up all who are bowed down.

This is the Sunday of correcting of those with a heavy burden. And I am not talking about financial or physical burden. I am talking about inner burdens. A lot of people have fear or anxiety. This Sunday is your Sunday if you have this burden.

It is all of us. There is no one without a burden. This Sunday is for all of us all. The risen Savior came to raise us from these burdens the way that He did for Thomas.

When we talk of these issues, we talk of how the evil one is sneaky to put doubts in our heart. Yet, the Lord is there. In, John 20:19-29, the Bible says the disciples were in the upper room out of fear, shutting the doors and windows, because of their fear of the Jews. This is the same with us, we close all the windows and doors – but the Bible says all of the sudden, the beautiful Savior comes to say, “Peace be with you.”

If you have these troubles, and your heart is closed, don’t worry. He will come to tell you “Peace be with you.”

And Thomas, because he touched Jesus, he believed. And then Jesus said, blessed are those who have not seen me and have believed. And He is talking about every one of us.

I call this the Sunday of how the Savior took the steps to take Thomas from lost to found. This is the Sunday that will take you from your doubt to your faith; from your fear to your comfort and peace; from rejecting or refusing to believe in Him, to have more faith and proclaim your faith; from running away from Jesus to running to Jesus.

He came to restore every single lost soul.

He came to turn our mess into a message.

He came to change our trouble to a comfort.

The one who came for Thomas cares about you. Every single trouble and problem, Jesus came to restore your lost soul from death to life.

Learn more in Father Andrew’s sermon video here.