New Year or New Life – By Father Gabriel Alkass

It’s beautiful to start the new year in church, especially with the Lord Jesus. Biblically speaking, many people at certain times begin a new life with the Lord. And He gave them new names, and that was a symbol of the new life with the Lord.

  • Abrahm became Abraham
  • Simon became Peter
  • Levi became Matthew
  • Saul of Tarsus became Paul

They all got new names to symbolize the new life with the Lord. And even today, the church gives a new name to anyone who dedicates their life to God.

But for some people, a new year comes to many others as just another new year, and a new life hasn’t started yet. And if we remain that way, this is a dangerous situation.

As St. Peter says, “Bear in mind that our Lord’s patience means salvation.” 2 Peter 3:15. It means every new year He gives you comes from Him out of patience, generosity, and love. This way, you may do something in your life.

It is a chance to do something with a new life with the Lord.

Our life without the Lord is more difficult, with more suffering and more troubles. Life becomes more different, sweet, and meaningful.

The Lord’s part is to give you another new year so that you may get into a new life if you have not yet. And if you did, you must move forward and grow up spiritually and be more productive. Don’t let the entire new year pass like the others.

For example, if you are a parent, aren’t you anxious if your child is left back in school? Aren’t you going to do everything possible to help them? You will give time and concern, or you may hire someone to help your child, so you give money for the sake of your child so that they may pass.

So that’s how the Lord wants our Christian life to pass – from one level to another. To grow up spiritually and have a fruitful life.

Jesus made it very clear, “Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit He [God] takes away; and every branch that bears fruit He prunes, that it may bear more fruit.” – John 15:2

Every one of us is a branch. If any branch does not come up with the Holy Spirit fruits, that branch won’t get the tree sap, and over the years, the tree will dry out and fall.

If you come to Him, yes you will be fruitful. Definitely.

As a New Year’s resolution, instead of asking like the rest of the world – such as a new diet – the children of God have a much better resolution to ask for. Seek to increase your prayers, read spiritual books, come to church, and love others more. And on and on.

For a much better life with the Lord Jesus. That’s how you begin to have a fruitful life with Jesus.

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