Preparing Ourselves for the Lord: By Father Andrew Bahhi

Today we are learning about readiness or preparation for the Lord. How I can be ready for the Lord? How much are we preparing ourselves for that day? “Nobody knows the hour or the day,” as it says in Matthew 24:36.

Like a real wedding – Am I ready to put the clothes of righteousness in preparation when the heavenly groom arrives? Am I inviting people to that unending wedding? The caring for the decorations, flowers, and food – I wish I had that zeal to prepare myself with the food of the Lord and decorate myself with the virtues I need in order to enter eternal life.

As it says in Luke 12:35, “Let your waist be girded and your lamps burning.” Today, we speak about girding ourselves to walk in the truth of the path of our Lord. People see darkness coming more and more and don’t know what to do. The answer is to prepare ourselves for the Lord – lighting our lamps.

We know in the parable of the ten virgins – the wise ones had extra oil for the lamps, which we know is faith in the Lord. This allows us to prepare for the second coming.

The virtue of readiness is one we should all work hard for daily. The enemy is a postponement, delay, or laziness.

If you say, “I will read the Bible, or go to church, another time.” Believe me, laziness is the real enemy of the virtue of readiness and preparing for the coming of our Lord. Preparing myself must have fruits in my life. I do my prayers, read my Bible, receive communion, and reach out to everyone.

In this way, I can always be ready for the Lord. Because nobody knows when the time is.

I pray and ask our heavenly father with the prayer of the ever-Virgin Mary and all the saints. That all people who are sleeping, and do not know the second coming is coming, be ready in order to be with Him when He comes. I pray and ask that all of us be together in church and eternal life through preparing ourselves.

Learn more in Father Andrew’s sermon video here.