The Church will Give You the Light – Father Andrew Bahhi

In the book of Mark 6:2, when Jesus went to his hometown of Nazareth, he preached in the synagogue. The lesson to us that day is this — He was telling each of us, you have to go to church to be blessed. Because in the church, as a body of Christ, we are all members of His body.

When Jesus spoke that day, people began to complain and put a wall between them and the savior, while others said “and what wisdom which is given to him” that such mighty words are performed by his hand, with miracles? They started to wonder how this can comes from “a carpenter, the son of Mary”?

These people underestimated Jesus in society.

The evil one will give you a million reasons not to go to the church, and all these reasons look to be valid reasons to prevent one from attending the Liturgy. But we are the ones who lose if we do not go to the church of the Lord.

Don’t give an excuse!

The Bible teaches us the center of the life, is at the table of the life at the altar. When He shines on us, we all shine. But when we get away, we have darkness from inside and outside.

If we don’t receive it on the inside, then we won’t reflect it on the outside.

You might say, “why should I go to the church?” Instead, you should ask, “what should I give to the church?”

God does not need us. We need Him. And the church is the channel by which we hear his voice, and we participate with brothers and sisters, receive the spiritual food, and stay connected to Him and live life with purpose.

Don’t give any excuse to yourself not to go to church, fast, pray, read the Bible, or give to charity. Our life is too short — if we don’t do our part then we are the loser.

Before it is too late, ask why you should go to church. So, we can open our hearts to confess, repent and to accept the Savior in our life and then to be an active and alive member in the church. Otherwise, we are judging ourselves by not accepting Him as the Savior.

Let’s humble ourselves to accept Jesus and not conflict the ego “I” and God. Tell God, “only you reign over our lives.”

Are you among those who really humble themselves accept Jesus as a savior, so he will heal you and bless you and walk with you and guide you? Or are you among those who are smart, rich, very important and honorable people among the community and reject Jesus.

At the end of today’s text in Mark, the Bible says, “He could do no mighty works there in his hometown.” So why did Jesus not perform any miracles there? The Bible says because of the lack of their faith.

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