Resting with the Lord

We thank God today because when He created the universe, the Bible said on the last day God rested. And by doing this, God taught us people, who He created in His image and likeness, are to follow what He did and also rest from our labor.

And today — Sunday — is a day for doing good things and doing merciful actions.

Unfortunately, the world is trying to turn the real meaning of the day of the Lord from spiritual meaning to physical meaning.

We try to make ourselves Holy, go to church, receive communion, so we can prepare ourselves spiritually for the rest of the week. To charge our heart and soul in order to continue the rest of the week.

Unfortunately, there is a focus in Western cultures currently to choose Sunday to be a physical rest, and a rest from God.

We have to rest with the Lord, not from the Lord.

In today’s reading (Mark 2:23-28), Jesus and disciples were passing through the fields and preparing to eat wheat on the sabbath day. They were criticized because they were judged to be working on the sabbath day and, according to the Old Testament, that was blasphemy.

And as the people were judging Jesus, Jesus responded “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.” — as a human, you are more important than the day.

A lot of time, during our lives as Christians, we judge people and feel we are doing good things. We are trying to correct people, but instead we judge them. We have to be careful when we correct people, we cannot judge them.
We must help and work with them.

Gossiping people feel they have a right to judge, and then they fall into sin. We have no right to gossip.

“Do not judge, and you will not be judge”—Jesus says in the book of Luke.

When you say things out of gossip, you are doing it without love. Instead of correcting them, you are saying you are right, and they are wrong.

So, is working disrespectful of the sabbath when we go to Church? Not, because we are to rest in His house, and that’s why we go to church. You have to make time to worship God, and if you do things on Sunday, you do it out of love and for spiritual rest.

The day of the Lord is the day we rest WITH the Lord, and not FROM the Lord.