See the Power of Your Faith in the Word – By Father Andrew Bahhi

I pray that the words that we sing, read, or talk in our Sunday Liturgy will touch our hearts. Because of the power of the word. This is what the Savior said in Mark 13, when he was talking about the sign of the last days and he mentioned a lot of things. “Heaven and earth will pass away but my words by no means will pass away.”

And the earthly things — what you think is solid and strong — those will melt.

How is it that we don’t appreciate these words and the power of these words as Christians? That we underestimate the power of the word of God in the Bible.

The word of God means two things, first it is the Bible. What Jesus said. When we believe in what He said and we believe it, we can do miracles. The word is also Jesus Christ himself. In the very beginning of the gospel John, it says the beginning is the word.

All the pain, all the trouble that comes from the world will pass, but the word of God in no way will pass away.

Jesus helped a blind man see, a man with leprosy immediately became clean, thousands of people receive food – all from His words. So, these words have power, but do we as Christians believe in the power, and the ability of these words?

It not only gives us the power to overcome, but also allows us to be saved and come over our trouble in our lives. So not only to do good things, but also protect our lives. Go through peacefully and conquer the evil one.

But there is one condition if we want to benefit from these words: We must use these words with strong faith. We underestimate these words, and it loses its effect on our lives; we get used to saying things without strong faith.

I saw people touch sick people all their lives, and they made them well. And I look to their hands, but do they have different hands than mine? Where does this power come from? It comes by faith, and then they talk to Jesus himself, so their words never come back empty without answers.

The word of God is like a mirror. When you look at it, the closer you get, the more you see. Unfortunately, these words are hidden. When we don’t use it; it is very far. Why? We don’t want this mirror to reflect our mistakes and sins and bad life. We don’t want to have eye contact with the Lord.

I feel l like I deceive myself when I say I read the Bible. The fact is the Bible reads me. When I open the Bible, I see who I am. When I go deep and read the Bible, and as dark as my heart feels, the more I feel the hand cleansing me. The more I spend time with this hand, it becomes more powerful, and it goes to the smallest details and cleans it all.

If you really want to be a true child of God, the word is the way to see the real person you are. This will bring the bad things out, and the word of God will wash us. This is what King David says in the Psalms, “Wash me to become white like snow.”

I pray from all my heart that this word, or the power and ability of this word, gets the space in our life.

If you have earthly desires, believe me it will pass away. But if you have heavenly desires, and you will allow this word to come and help you, and it will bless you, and it will make you remain with the Savior. And He will guide you, and He will make the word bring out the good things – your faith, and my faith.

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