Sermon for Children: The Role of the Priest

As we all heard at the beginning of the Liturgy, we learned from St. Mark, about when Jesus chose his disciples.

And then after Jesus picked those 12 disciples, He blessed them and prayed over them, and breathed in their faces, and they became high priests or priests. Each one of the disciples became Abouna.

What is the job of an Abouna, or priest? We have to continue His job. He told them to go and preach the word of God.
What do the priests do? We continue the job of God, and it goes from generation to generation. Today, we are talking about the priests. We continue the things that Jesus asked the disciples to do His job.

We are called the Holy Order, when we receive the power of the Bishops. When people were sick, Jesus performed miracles, and when people were hungry, he fed them, and when people were tired, He gave them comfort. This is what Jesus gave to the disciples, and this is what we now give people on earth and give people from generation to generation. This is what we do on earth today.

When Jesus chose the first 4 disciples – Peter, his brother Andrew, James and his brother John – they were fishing. When Jesus called them, he said “I will make you fishers of men.” They serve God, and we all become priests, fishers of men to know God.

When I was little, I liked priests and wanted to be a priest.

One day, from you, we will have people serving this altar, the choir the deacons. We ask that God chooses you like He chose the disciples.

Lets all close our eyes and pray:

Dear Lord Jesus Christ, I thank you for your kids. I ask you to bless them in the way you blessed your disciples. And make them, instead of being fishermen, you make them fishers of men. I ask you to bless these kids as you choose them to serve your church, and to be a blessing for their families and be a blessing for this church. The way you bless your disciples Lord, bless these kids to become your disciples because every and each one of us is called to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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