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Feb 2023
Prayers for Syriac Departed

Today we recognize the faithful departed who went to heaven, paradise. Of course, they are enjoying real life with God. We pray for them for every Holy Liturgy, but today is a special day, and they may pray for us as well. Remembering what happened in the earthquake in Turkey and Syria, where many passed away, today’s sermon is called, “The Earth is the Lord’s.” Earth belongs to the Lord from Day One when he created everything else. This is when we know everything was desolate, full of darkness. And in six......

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Feb 2020
Faithful departed Syriac Orthodox Church

This Sunday is the Sunday that we call for all the faithful departed. Next Sunday is going to be the first Sunday of the Holy Lent. And after that, we begin a beautiful and Holy journey to the crucifixion and resurrection. The departed were once among us, and we now believe they are up in a very good place. We know, most importantly they are with Jesus Christ and He is the life. Jesus says I am the life and the way and the resurrection. When we move from this earth, He......

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