Tag: Matthew 13:24-43

Aug 2022
True Christians are Patient and Longsuffering - By Father Andrew Bahhi

When we come to church, we come for many different reasons. But I pray when we come, we come with a passion to the word of God, Jesus and our salvation. Why do I say that? Because the word of God will be here every time you come, there is a lesson and beautiful meaning the Lord wants us to understand in our spiritual life. For example, our prayers today are about the Book of Matthew. The Lord said three parables, the seed, the yeast and finally the parable of the mustard......

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Aug 2021
The Good Wheat - By Father Andrew Bahhi

I pray that we always are awake because this parable is beautiful and strong. In Matthew 13:24-43, the owner of a field sowed wheat. And while the people were sleeping, the enemy put bad wheat, or bad teaching, between the good wheat. The workers then came to their master and said “do you want us to take the bad wheat out?” And the master said, let them grow together, and when the day of harvest comes I will have my workers take the bad wheat, and bundle them and burn it. And......

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