Tag: The parable of the sower

Jan 2023
The parable of the sower

So, according to today’s feast, our Holy Fathers arranged an appropriate reading from St. Matthew Chapter 13. The passage explains how Jesus got on a boat that day, and a large crowd gathered around them as He spoke to them about many things in parables. A sower went out to sow, and some seeds fell on the path. Some of them fell on rocky ground, other seeds fell upon thorns, and other seeds fell upon good soils. The sower is the Lord Jesus, and the seeds are the word of God. And......

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Jun 2022

This hour and a half that we spend in the church each Sunday is the key or the beginning to be an important spiritual journey with our savior. As in the parable of the Sower (Luke 8:4-15), we only plant the seed of life in each one of us. But in order for the seed to grow, we determine if it will grow or die. That’s why this parable is very important, especially since this Sunday is the first one after the Pentecost. We believe the Holy Spirit is upon the church,......

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