From Father Andrew Bahhi: Take vacations from the world, but not God

From Father Andrew Bahhi: Take vacations from the world, but not God

Without God’s guidance we are lost in this life. Last week, we celebrated the feast of the Pentecost. And we were praying upon the Holy Spirit to come unto all of us. And we prayed for the Holy Spirit to abide by us.

But usually in this time of the year, after the Holy Week, after the resurrection, after the feast of the Pentecost, there are not usually many spiritual feasts on the calendar. During this period, a lot of people think that now the kids have finished school, think “let us take a vacation from God. Now it is only regular Sundays, so there is nothing very special new at church.”

I am talking for you and your children. If we raise our children to believe we take vacations from God in the summer, they will grow up with this understanding. However, if we put in their heart that there is no vacation from God we will encourage our kids that church is essential in our lives. Not only on occasion but always.

Jesus was always speaking with parables because people can memorize them. It was from daily life stories of the people that can touch their lives. For instance, there is the story of the sower, who throws seeds on all kinds of ground (Mark 4:3-20).

Sometimes we feel the seeds are the word of God, but these different kinds of ground refer to different seasons in our lives.

Sometimes Abuna speaks, and my heart is very hard, and I cannot actually benefit. And other times, there are those who live among the thorns – the desires of this life, the cares, which actually kills the word of God in their hearts.

We go through a lot of circumstances, but Jesus says “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.” (Mark 4:9)

For the ones with the good ears, and pay attention, I can guarantee you – even those who have trouble in their lives – they will hear and have peace in their hearts.

I encourage you to don’t be ground that does not receive seeds. I encourage you to have the courage to ask the heavenly father to give you good ears, continue blessing you, and open your heart to hear his voice.

As we cannot survive without food and water, we cannot survive spiritually without the word of God and the fellowship as brothers and sisters of the church. Be like the good ground – whenever the word of God falls on this ground, make sure the ground can give fruit.

Don’t try to take vacation from God. Take vacations from the world, and keep your heart open to listen and to hear.
Then you will always have the fruit. You will always have joy, peace, happiness and comfort in your heart. There is no spiritual life outside the church.

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