The Importance of Feeding Your Spirit – Father Andrew Bahhi

For this Sunday, the Sunday for all the faithful departed, this is the Sunday that should wake us all up. Because we have the chance to repent and to come back. That’s why we read today in Luke 12:40 “Be ready because the son of man is coming at the very hour you don’t expect.”

Jesus will come and serve His children. Can you imagine the honor for us, the creation, to have the Savior standing up and serving us? Our savior needs nothing from us, except to be ready. How can we be ready? By always repenting, always go to His house, always receive His communion, always read His message in the Bible, and to always lead a life of repentance.

I don’t want to scare you, but I am trying to make everybody ready. Because this is the only fact, the death, that nobody can run away from.

Today, I think we all must answer this question before we leave the church today. Where does the person go after they die? And, by knowing the answer to this question, I will ask another question. Where am I going to spend my eternity?

This Sunday is wakeup call to be ready.

When we look to somebody, we see the body. But there are more things to the body. According to our faith and the Bible, we believe the man contains the body and the spirit and soul. Every one of you is made up of these three things.

Imagine we have a cage with a bird. The cage itself cannot hold the bird. The door of the cage is in charge of holding the bird in the cage. For us, the cage is our flesh, and our spirit is our bird. And the soul is the door that holds the spirit inside the body.

What is the soul? The soul is the things that we can experience with our senses.

So, when somebody dies, the cage door is opened by the soul. The spirit goes back to God. The body transforms to dust, and the spirit will go back to God. But what dies is the soul. So, when the connection between the spirit and flesh die, the flesh goes down and the spirit – like the bird – goes up.

To see the significance of the spirit and body, I have to understand, what really will make my spirit healthy and full. And also, what will make my body healthy. What will feed my spirit? Receiving communion. Confessing our sins will also feed our spirit. Reading the Bible, attending the church, is actually food for our spirit.

So, what comes from God will feed the spirit. And what feeds the flesh is anything that comes from the ground.

And as Christian, we have conflicts between our spirit and our flesh. If I care about my spirit and feed it always, when I face trouble my spirit will conquer, and I will be able to conquer the sins.

If you give food to your spirit, your spirit will be good, with good wings. When the problem comes, your spirit will take your soul and body and fly over the problems instead of falling into the problem.

The good news is the door of that cage is still closed so we still have an opportunity to repent and come back to God.

Learn more in Father Andrew’s sermon video here.