The Nativity of John the Baptist – By Father Andrew Bahhi

In the book of Luke 1:58, it says “when Elizabeth’s neighbors heard about the birth of John the Baptist, they rejoiced with her.” The is a time when the Lord showed great mercy to Elizabeth and Zachariah.

For the things we pray for and don’t get an answer, or we are confused to make a decision, or have a need, the prayer is the perfect shelter and place to go so we can receive comfort and faith that God will answer.

When we keep praying.

The difficulties of understanding the work of God in our life often leads us to area where we say “God doesn’t love me; He does not answer me, or I am a very bad person and he does not want to answer me.” But we need to remember that God’s word is very important in our life.

When the angel gave the good news to Elizabeth and Zachariah, they could not understand it according to their normal nature. But the good will of God will be fulfilled no matter what. We only need to be ready to receive Him in our heart so we can be blessed without shame.

The people were once blaming them for not having a baby, and now they are rejoicing and very happy.

We have to believe the hand of the mighty God during the hard time will appear, even if in the midst of the crisis we do not see him.

If you talk to a person in pain, all their focus is about their pain even if God is right next to them. This is the time that this event – the birth of St. John the Baptist – is comforting. Don worry no matter what you need, or for how long you were praying and not receiving an answer, don’t worry. The way God answered Zachariah and his wife, the Lord also will answer you and fill your heart with joy and with peace. We only need to believe in him.

When Jesus was with the disciples on the boat, they did not believe who Jesus was. Until St. Peter said, “If you are Jesus, ask me to walk on the water the way you are walking on the surface of the sea.” And then Peter began to walk, a great experience for a fisher man. But when Peter switched his eyes from Jesus, the source of our strength led him to sink inside the water.

This is what happens to us during hard time. We switch from Jesus and that is the time that we sink. Remember the difficulties we go through will lead us to a stronger relationship. Patience is needed.

When we don’t receive what we are praying for, that time for delay may be the best time that our faith will grow. But unfortunately, many people fail at this time.

Righteousness is going to make us true children of God, even if we don’t receive when we pray, but we believe our Lord is good and He is always there for us and will answer us.

May God also visit you and make the things that you are praying for, the good things you are wishing for in your life – overcoming the crisis that you are going through, the hard times – may God make that hardship smooth, and may God answer you and bless you.

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