The Parable of the Good Samaritan, Luke 10:25-37

We thank always our heavenly father for all his blessings to give us this opportunity to be in His home to be with us in this liturgy. I know most of you at home wish to be with us, but believe me you are with us in the spirit, because our savior said “every 2 or three people who gather in my name, I’ll be in their midst of them.” So, we believe He is with you, as He is with us.

Today is the 5th Sunday of the Holy Great Lent. What a beautiful time this is for fasting, praying more, and feeling we are closer to God. This Sunday is seen as “The Good Samaritan Sunday.”

This reading is very famous, and almost everyone has memorized the details of this story. But before I talk of this story, let’s look closely of the Pharisee who knows how to talk. Every single word to this person means something and asks an important question.  As with the rich man, as you remember, also asked the same question.

The question is the most significant question in the entire Bible, and the world. Because all of us on this earth work hard, strive, and do our best to have a good life on this earth. But this man now asks, after this life, what should I do to also inherit the Kingdom of God?

Here, we have somebody with good intentions, asking a question of the only one who has the answer. Jesus says I am the door. He is the one with the answer, yet at the end for this man, like the rich man (who left sorrowful and sad), this person that person also left sorrowful or sad.

Jesus says, “do this and you will live.” There is a difference between knowing the law and applying the law in one’s life or doing.

Also, dear brothers and sisters, how do you read the Bible? It is easy to read, but Jesus tells us knowing Him is half the story. If you don’t FOLLOW him, your knowledge won’t benefit you in any way.

In John 3:18, it says let us not love in word or tongue, but in deed and in action, and in truth. It is easy to say “I love you” but if we don’t prove this love in life and for others, this love is in vain. It is empty and worthless.

Jesus, in the sermon the mount, says every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut and thrown into the fire. If we do not bear good fruit, we will be the same. I am not trying to scare you, but say: Be ready, are you living what’s inside your heart and your faith?

Mothers, if you see your children doing something bad, will you watch and let him do bad things, or will you do something to protect your son? See how your heart is broken if you see your children going the wrong way. This is how God’s heart is broken when he sees you and me going in the wrong way.

This is what is happening around us in this stressful and critical time, where everybody is scared. I feel God is using this virus to wake you and wake me up. Be careful.

How much do you waste time in your life? Now the perfect time to come to God who says, “I will comfort you.”

It is very important to connect our faith and knowledge of God with action.

You have to have fellowship, and good application of your faith in your daily life in the way your live. Repent, pray from all our heart, and make good decisions in our life to come. All your heart, strength, soul and mind

I beg you dear brothers and sisters, let’s wake up. Let’s all of us ask God, what do you want from me? Why are you doing these things in my lifetime? Is this a set of different circumstances that just came together? I doubt that. Take advantage of this time to come closer to Jesus.

I encourage you please, before the time comes, before maybe this coronavirus will end, and you will go back to your life worse than how you were before. I encourage you to go to Him and break your heart and repent and to accept Him. And He will grant you a good life here and He will grant you the eternal life!