The Paralytic Man and Insisting for Jesus – From Father Andrew Bahhi

I thank our Holy Father for all the blessings and mercies, and that we are alive. As long as we are alive, the door is still open to come back to God, repent, and open our heart. Especially in this season, the holiday of the Holy Lent. Come closer to God and please Him by offering true repentance and love and coming to Him.

We call this Sunday the 3rd Sunday of the Holy Lent, where we read about a new miracle Jesus Christ had done when he held the paralytic man. There is a lot of beautiful and good meaning in this reading.

I want to focus on one thing in this text about the paralytic man, who represents all of us. After meeting Jesus, his life was completely changed. And for other people who put in their heart to meet the savior Jesus, something good will happen, as it did for the paralytic person.

This story describes 3 types of people.
Some people do believe that Jesus is the savior – we want to be blessed. While others are curious. And finally, there are those who criticize.

When see the first type in the people who carried the paralytic man, who wanted to see what Jesus can do for their friend. But, according to the Bible something very important happened — immediately many gathered and there was no longer room to receive them. This was the first struggle.

But these people put in their heart that no matter what, they will take this paralytic man in front of Jesus. I wish that we have the same perseverance that those four friends have. I wish we have the same insisting and persisting those four friends have.

The Bible says when Jesus saw their perseverance, he said, “Because of your faith, I will give him healing.”

In our life we have a lack of spiritual perseverance.

I wish we have this zeal and perseverance to see God and worship Him. This is an especially important spiritual lesson for all of us. We have a zillion excuses not to go to church, but we do not have one excuse to insist and come to church.

We are coming for the benefit of ourselves, and yet we do not benefit spiritually.

When somebody insists, he can do something. He will do it.

When I insist to be with a spiritual environment, I must make time to go to church. When I insist to go to heaven, I will go to church, and receive the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

But when it is a lower priority for when I have the time, I will never find Jesus. When you pray and ask for the Lord, he won’t answer because he won’t understand or recognize your voice.

Those who always pray and insist to the Lord, their voices are very well known. The tone of their voice is soooo familiar to God’s ear, so He answers, “what do you want?”

And this is what He told the paralytic man “Son, your sins are forgiven” because He recognized that voice.

Persisting is a Christian virtue. We all must work very hard to gain it. It is not a medicine you can take, and you will have it. It is something you must work hard in your spiritual life. And your perseverance is going to lead you to meet Jesus. And when you meet Jesus, he is going to lead you to repent. And when you repent, it is going to make you live a peaceful and comfortable life with Him.

Perseverance shows our faith, especially in the hard time. It shows if we are a true Christian or not. And if you fall in your way during persisting to meet God, don’t give up at all.

In Ecclesiastes, it says do not give an opportunity to your enemy to rejoice over your laziness. Do not rejoice over me my enemy. When I fall, I will arise. When I sit in darkness, the Lord will be a light to me.

Have good heart, put in your heart you can go through to meet your savior. We are happy and thank Him that God is our savior and father.

Learn more here in Father Andrew’s sermon video.