The Transfiguration of Christ – By Father Andrew Bahhi

Today is a beautiful day. The Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord. I pray that the glory that our savior showed to His disciples and two prophets from the Old Testament – Moses and Elijah – I pray that God will show His glory among us and bless all of us.

The story says the Lord took Peter, John and James, and said let’s go to the top of the mountain. As the Lord prayed, the appearance of his face was altered, and His robe was white and glistening. His divine nature showed.

The fact that He showed them a little of this glory, he showed that He is the true God.

The Lord was showing a little of His glory so the disciples can taste it and experience following Jesus. These three put their lives before the Lord – and they faced persecution, pain and death – and yet they happily handled it knowing the result is very good and priceless.

The mountain in the Bible symbolizes elevation, and here Jesus likewise elevated and made his glory appeared. But let’s not forget when we go to the top of the mountain, we have to put in extra effort. We put into this labor to go higher, and similarly we have to work hard in our spiritual life. If we don’t put it in with all our heart, we won’t experience of God in our life.

We can experience peace, true love, and virtues, all because we are walking up with Him.

The Transfiguration is not just about an event 2000 years ago, but also our own experience can be transformed. With Christ and through Christ, we can never experience the transformation unless we work hard in our spiritual life. It is important to go high in our relationship with God.

When we celebrate this significant feast, we must grow in our relationship with God, so we see the earthly things become #2 or #3 in our lives. And the Lord appears #1, and shines like the sun.

The transfiguration of the Lord gives an important lesson in humility, so when people look at us, they see Jesus within us, and our acts. This feast teaches us to take the glory to the Lord, and to the Lord only.

When Moses and Elijah appeared, they represented the living and the dead of the Old Testament, and the three disciples represented the New Testament. John and James were not married, and they represented the single people, and Peter and Moses represented the married.

In this way, this scene represents that everybody is called and invited. And if you follow Him in His path, you will be able to taste and experience His glory.

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