Your Mission Has Just Begun – By Father Andrew Bahhi

This Sunday we learn how the Lord again appeared to the disciples since the Resurrection, and this time it happened as they returned to their normal life. The disciples joined Simon to go fishing.

Something similar happens a lot with us after the Holy Season and is a reminder to us all: The Resurrection does not end on Easter, but instead the feast of the Resurrection BEGINS on Easter. We should take advantage of this holy day and take the blessings to all of our days.

After Jesus’s Resurrection, many important things happened. The same day of the Resurrection, the disciples were very depressed. And it signified not feeling they need spiritual activity anymore. Then, the Lord appeared to them, but they did not realize it was Jesus.

And then Jesus said, ““O foolish ones, and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken!” (Luke 24:25).

Sometimes we are foolish and slow of thinking, and we realize after Easter to go back to our normal life. And the disciples did the same when they went fishing – and they caught nothing. Why? Because the Lord wants to tell them, “Your mission just begun after my Resurrection. Don’t go back to your normal life, or you will get nothing.”

And then early in the morning, they saw a shadow that said take your net and throw it to the right side of the boat. And once they did that, they got not only a lot of fish but big fish!

The Lord said, “I want you to be fishers of men.” Don’t go back to the old life and old habits. “I called you to a new life and the new life will give you a lot of fish, grace, and blessings.”

And after that right away Peter realized it is the Lord, jumped into the water to see Jesus. And he saw Jesus preparing the new food, as if to see Jesus saying, “your new food is with me.”

When we celebrate Easter, Christmas, or any spiritual day, we should celebrate the event STARTING with that day. And then the true joy will begin with Christ.

The Lord is calling us, providing food to all of us so we can trust him, and he will be the one to shower his blessing, mercies upon all of us. May all of the glories be in his name.

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