From Father Andrew Bahhi: Living a Resurrection Life

From Father Andrew Bahhi: Living a Resurrection Life

The church calendar tells us to that we are still in the time of the Resurrection and to remind ourselves of the times that Jesus showed himself to the disciples. Here’s a story of one of those times.

If any one of us are still doubting His Resurrection, sometimes the doubt is not that we don’t believe in His Resurrection, it is that we don’t believe in the power of His Resurrection. That we can apply it in our life as Christians.

How come we have the Lord, and He rose from dead, and yet we still have the fear of death, problems, illness, crisis among the families, and troubles in our life?

His resurrection would give us a strong message that, he who believes in His Resurrection, no matter how much the trouble he faced, he will be blessed.

In the Book of Luke 5:5. Jesus called on Peter, Simon, James, John who were fishing but did not catch anything. Jesus asked them to go deeper into the sea, and they responded — “Because you said so, I would throw my net again.”

Sometimes, the blessing is actually in our hand, but we ask ourselves “should I take the blessing or should I not? Or “I don’t deserve the blessing.”

After Jesus’s Resurrection, the disciples were scared. They did not understand the powerful meaning of the Resurrection. A lot of times we feel sick, and bored. Too many people in beautiful weather, instead of going to church, choose to find happiness or joy or other pleasure elsewhere.

Because they did not go with a good heart, the disciples caught nothing, and then they saw a shadow on the shore and asked “is this Jesus or not?” When we are bored and know not what to do, we ask: “Is this Jesus?” This is because we do not have a strong or good relationship with him.

When they got close to Jesus, He asked they throw the net to the right side of the boat. Then, all of sudden, that net was full of huge and good quality of fish.

Sometimes the blessing gets closer to you than you expect. The blessing sometimes is just the other side of what you think. You need to look for Jesus and you will receive the blessing. Sometimes when we have a problem, are depressed, when we have family problems, illness, we don’t know what to do – I encourage you to only turn your face.

The blessing is always there for us, but let us look to Jesus, let us see Him in our life, listen for His word, and then we will receive the blessing.

If you are willing to listen to Jesus and your take your heart from where it is to where He wants it to be, you will receive a lot of blessings.

If you want to have your name written in the book of life, you just need to obey him. He is not asking too much. He is only asking to give him your life and your heart and throw your heart to the side that he wants, and you will receive the blessing.

We need to live the Resurrection life, not just by saying “Christ is Risen,” but “We believe in the power of His Resurrection. And then if we believe in him, we will receive the blessings.

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