Tag: 1 Corinthians 1:18

Sep 2022
Feast of the Holy Cross

When we talk about the cross in the church, we talk about something very important. The cross is a major measurement of our spiritual life. Everything we do in our lives, if we measure it with the cross, we will know if it is good and benefit our spiritual life. For instance, in my work. The cross will be my measurement; in my heart, if I do good, I am a very good Christian. But if I twist the truth, the cross will tell me my spiritual measurement is not good enough.......

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Sep 2019
Discovery of the Holy Cross

Happy feast of discovery of the Holy Cross. We thank Him because the sign of the cross was before a curse – the Old Testament said that those who are cursed are hung on wood, trees, and crosses. Jesus, by his mercy, transformed this sign so it is now a blessing. It is a sign of protection, our faith, something we are very proud of. Because Jesus was able to crush the head of the evil one. We thank Him for this beautiful feast we always celebrate on September 14. And, at......

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