Tag: Luke 8:4-15

Jun 2022

This hour and a half that we spend in the church each Sunday is the key or the beginning to be an important spiritual journey with our savior. As in the parable of the Sower (Luke 8:4-15), we only plant the seed of life in each one of us. But in order for the seed to grow, we determine if it will grow or die. That’s why this parable is very important, especially since this Sunday is the first one after the Pentecost. We believe the Holy Spirit is upon the church,......

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Jun 2019
The parable of the sower

I thank our Heavenly Father for every single second He adds to our life. It is very important because our heavenly Father wants all of us to repent and come to the knowledge of truth. We forget that one day we will leave this earth, and we instead should worship the one protecting us every day and night. We should thank Him because he is bringing us to His house, and to receive His body and His blood. Every single time we come to church, there is an opportunity to hear God’s......

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