Time to Grow with the Seeds of Jesus

I thank our Heavenly Father for every single second He adds to our life. It is very important because our heavenly Father wants all of us to repent and come to the knowledge of truth. We forget that one day we will leave this earth, and we instead should worship the one protecting us every day and night. We should thank Him because he is bringing us to His house, and to receive His body and His blood.

Every single time we come to church, there is an opportunity to hear God’s word, and if we are really ready, we can hear the message. God can touch our heart, and all the worries and things that bother humans are called by name.

Today, we learn about the parable of the sower (Luke 8:4-15), and the seeds that fell.

“A sower went out to sow his seed. And as he sowed, some fell by the wayside; and it was trampled down, and the birds of the air devoured it. Some fell on rock; and as soon as it sprang up, it withered away because it lacked moisture. And some fell among thorns, and the thorns sprang up with it and choked it. But others fell on good ground, sprang up, and yielded a crop a hundredfold.”

The seeds are of the Father, and we can also take the seeds as Jesus. But not everyone takes the word, and that’s what happens the first three times the seed fall.

But meanwhile, the fourth kind of seed are “…the ones that fell on the good ground are those who, having heard the word with a noble and good heart, keep it and bear fruit with patience.”

Jesus is saying that no matter what kind of ground you have, God’s seeds will come to you. But how we respond is what is different. Jesus is seeking us to accept the seeds before it is too late. Some people have hardened hearts and reject to His seeds in their heart.

Jesus is ready to accept you. Have a broken heart filled with repentance and say, “Lord no matter what I have done, I will accept you and have your seeds in my heart so I can be a fruitful person.”

The real joy and peace are only with Him. Everything else is only temporary.

Jesus is speaking with all of us and asking what kind of heart you have. You can make your heart fruitful and full of joy. And Jesus tells us “I will never stop putting my words in your heart.”

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