The Feast of the Holy Cross

On September 14, we celebrated the feast of the discovery of the Holy Cross. We all have an opportunity to go to heaven, not because of the cross itself, but because Jesus put himself on the cross, the sign of victory.

We feel we are protected by the power of the cross. The cross has blessings.
In the 4th century, there was Helen the mother of the emperor Constantine. She was the daughter of a Syriac priest. She had a wish that she can find the cross one day. And after she taught her son, the emperor, how to be a Christian, he saw the cross in the sky. He said if he succeeds in his conquests, he will make Christianity the religion of his empire.

She had faith that the sign, which was a curse in the Old Testament, was a sign of victory in the New Testament. Her love to find things that belonged to Jesus, that was the biggest blessing she can find. Every one of us, if he has the desire to find Jesus in his life, he has to work very hard to get it.

Do we really have that desire to find Jesus in our heart, to work that hard? Jesus dwells in our heart, but living accordingly is something else.

The feast of the Holy Cross enables us to find Jesus in our heart, to make him #1. If Jesus is not #1 in your life, I think we are deceiving ourselves.

We have a lot of bad habits, sins, desires. Sometimes it takes us to death. Let’s take all these sins and put these in his hand. Let’s put all these things that worry us in his hand and ask him to raise us above the spiritual death.

The cross is the bridge between this life and eternal life. If you want to go to Heaven, there is only the way through Jesus. Take these signs seriously, and put it in our heart, around our neck or in our home. Make the sign and you will be protected. All we need to do is open our heart. Not finding good things but find Him!

Learn more in Father Andrew’s sermon video here.