Call Jesus to Help You See Spiritually – By Father Andrew Bahhi

This Sunday is the 6th Sunday of the Holy Lent and the time when we learn about the blind man.

Our savior entered Jerusalem for the last time because they are about to cut Him and crucify Him. So, He was coming from northeast of Jerusalem, and around that time there was the important feast of Passover, where Jews from all over were coming to celebrate and offer sacrifices.

Imagine hundreds of thousands of people walking to prepare themselves for that important feast. Looking for blessing, looking for healing, looking to please God, looking to offer sacrifices for sins and peace – many sacrificial reasons from the Old Testament.

But there was one different from everybody else. This is the one who John the Baptist said, “Behold the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.” (John 1:29). And at this time there was a lot of business being conducted, people selling food and clothes, while for others this time was a time of opportunity.

And the blind man seized on the opportunity.

And being one of the visitors to Jerusalem seeing everyone going to sacrifice a lamb, but because of their spiritual blindness they would not realize the lamb of God was among them!

Then there was, Bartimaeus, who was physically blind, and was begging. He screamed “Son of David, have mercy on me.”

Others around him tried to calm him down, saying “You are embarrassing us in front of the Master. You are nothing.”

Do you know the population of the world? About 7 billion and imagine every one of you is well known to Jesus. He knows the very small places in your heart. He loves you and takes care of you. And likewise, when this blind man called to Jesus, our Savior stopped.

Jesus was going to Jerusalem for the last time, and the blind man called him at the perfect time. And now Jesus is coming to heal all of us from our spiritual blindness. You might be able to see people around you, but you don’t see their problems and their pain. You may see people laughing, but you don’t see what is in their heart. This is what our Savior came for – not only so we can become Christian people, but also to become believers.

We don’t need only to help someone, but we need to be a true follower of Jesus. Until His time, no one was able to help the blind, until Jesus. Today in this story, He proves He is the incarnate God. And like we repeat during our creed “light of light, true God of true God.” – so Jesus is a true God.

If we don’t take advantage of our presence in the Lord, and we don’t call on him and say, “Lord have mercy on me.” – believe me, we would leave this church like nothing happened to us.

For this blind man, it did not take much except a scream. But don’t forget it was the scream of this blind man that grabbed the attention of God.

This blind man lived this way all his life, and then screamed for Jesus. And then Jesus said one thing,  “Your faith has made you well.” And in one second, click, the blindness was gone.

And like with you, Jesus will open your eyes and he will instantly make you able to see spiritually.

Learn more in Father Andrew’s sermon video here.